Monday, 19 February 2018

Goodbye Facebook, Hello Reddit! The Emerging Platform For Social Media Advertising

During the past few months, Facebook's general viewership has gradually started to decrease because of the new algorithm in place. People all over the world are starting to switch to other mediums to be able to connect with their viewers and customers. The changes that have come about have resulted in a shift in marketing strategies as well since brands now have to find newer and better ways to be able to connect with the customers who they want to sell their products to.

One site that has been an untapped resource for marketers and brands is Reddit. Previously, advertisers who were looking to market online would shy away from Reddit because of the kind of layout that it has. Reddit isn’t exactly the nicest looking website, and often, it can demotivate those who are looking to advertise on a general platform. It also doesn't follow the usual kind of layout that sites like Facebook tend to follow, which can make breaking out on this medium especially hard. Reddit requires the brand to actively engage with their customers, which is why advertisers that are laid back don’t want to take a ride down this route of advertising.

However, Reddit isn’t as bad as advertisers usually play it out to be. It can be used in a way that can benefit a brand more than one could imagine. One of the main reasons why Reddit is such a great marketing platform is because of the ability to post and get quick responses about people’s perceptions of the brand and the products that they sell. The engagement level in this form is a lot higher as compared to Facebook, which is why it is considered to be an untapped resource. The new design and features that Reddit has brought along also make the site more appealing as compared to what it used to look like, just a year ago.

In terms of statistics alone, Reddit has showcased an incredible amount of strength. The site has over 330 million monthly active users. This provides a vast pool and target audience that a brand can make use of. Forty-four percent of all the users tend to use Reddit on their mobile phones, which is why mobile advertising also works well on this site.

One of the more iconic features of Reddit is the different communities that it provides access to. Brands can specifically target an audience who they think would like their brand, posting in their subthreads and comments. There are over 130K different communities on the site, with more emerging every single day. This might just be one of the best places to find the target audience that is ideal for your brand.

Reddit currently stands in the top ten of the largest websites in the United States. There is a reason the site is so popular, and taking advantage of it when Reddit advertising is in its early stages just might be the push that your brand needs to beat your competition.

The profile page feature on Reddit is especially useful to brand looking to market here. Using the profile page tab, they can post their content which viewers can reach through links in subthreads and another kind of comments. This sends an unlimited amount of people who find your content engaging, to your profile, thereby giving you the audience that you need. 

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